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°   We rate our output on real time 35 MPH wind speeds.  Not RPM.

°   Almost 2 decades of experience with wind turbine proven designs.

°   Lowest cost per watt in it's class.

°   Reliable brushless design.

°   Our wind turbine generators are Coated internally to prevent rust.

°   YEARS of maintainance free running.

°   No cogging for faster start up and higher RPM.  This means more output.

°   Wind blows when there is no sun too. 

°   Get free renewable electricity over and over again for years. 

°   We want you informed with the right information.  Not sales propaganda.

°   Environmental Friendly.

°   No slip rings to fail.

Why Buy From The Wind Turbine King?

The wind blows when there is no sun!
Wind Turbine King is not affiliated with Missouri Wind and Solar, Mandaly Wind or Mountain wind.  We do not sell Raptor Turbine Blades.

Wind Power the Free Wave in the future.

Free Electricity day after day.